Players gotta play.

Are you wondering what to expect at a Fantastic Voyage show? Here are some of the short-form games we play, with simple explanations.

Scene games:

A World Without A scene takes place with a missing letter. If a player uses the forbidden letter they are replaced.

Alphabet scene Two players perform a scene where each line of dialog begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Black Knight Multiple players perform a serious scene and are punished if the audience laughs.

Blind Line Prior to the scene audience members write random lines on papers. Players periodically intersperse the lines into the scene. Watch the video here.

Emotional Quadrants  The stage is divided into 4 quadrants and each quadrant is assigned an emotion. Two players perform a scene and they take on the emotion of the quadrant in which they’re standing.

Forward / Reverse Two players perform a scene. When the host yells “REVERSE!” they go backwards.

Freeze Tag  Two players begin a simple scene and play until someone yells “FREEZE!” They hold their position until another player takes their position and begins a new scene. Watch the video here.

New Choice Two players perform a scene. Occasionally the host rings a bell and yells “New Choice!” at which point the players change their last statement.

Question / Statement Three players perform a scene where two of them are given 1 question and 1 statement each and the third justifies this. Watch the video here.

Sit, Stand, _____ Three players perform a scene where one is always sitting, one is always standing, and one is in a position given by the audience. Watch the video here.

Survivor Multiple players perform a scene and the audience votes off players one at a time. Watch the video here.

Line Games:

185 Players tell a joke about an audience suggestion. It goes “185 (blanks) walk into a bar, the bartender says we don’t serve (blanks). The (blanks) say (punchline).” Watch the video here.

B-Movie Players talk about the bad movies they’ve seen.

Conducted Story The audience suggests a topic for a story. The players take turns telling the story taking cues from the host.

Dr. Know-it-all Player line up and answer audience questions one word at a time.

Foxworthy The audience suggests occupations, and the players explain how you know you’re one in the style of Jeff Foxworthy. Watch the video here.

Good Bad Ugly The audience asks for advice from a panel of experts.

I Like My Men/Women The players tell you how they like their men or women based on objects given by the audience.

Irish Drinking Song Players sing a traditional Irish drinking song based on an audience suggestion.

Rock Paper Scissors Infinity Players jump into physical positions then justify their position. The player with the weakest justification is replaced.

Shatner Players take turns telling a story one word at a time.

Spelling Bee Players spell words one letter at a time, then define them one word at a time. Watch the video here.

Taglines Players make up advertising slogans for products.

Try That On For Size The audience suggests an action. The players take turns coming up with new explanations for that action, and get replaced when they can’t think of anything.

What Are You Doing? Players take turns doing an action, then have to come up with a different action for the other player to do. They’re eliminated if they say what they’re really doing.

Audience Participation Games:

Page An audience member and a player are each given a book. Everything they say comes from the book. A player justifies their statements in the scene.

Pillars Two audience members are on stage in chairs. Two players perform a scene and randomly tag the audience members for random suggestions, then justify those suggestions. Watch the video here.

Guessing Games:

Chain Murder Three players leave the room. The remaining player gets a location, occupation, and weapon from the audience. The players return one at a time and convey those three things using only mime and gibberish. Watch the video here.

Party Quirks One player leaves the room as the host of a party. The remaining players are given characters of some sort. Those characters are guests at the guessers party, and have to get the guesser to figure out who or what they are. Watch the video here.

Return Counter One player leaves the room. The remaining players are given items they’re returning to a store. They try to get the guesser to figure out those items. Watch the video here.

Three Things One player leaves the room. The remaining players are each given an activity with three common things changed. They try to get the guesser to do the activity using only mime and gibberish. Watch the video here.

This list is always growing, and we’re open to suggestions! If you have questions about any of these games, or ideas for additional games feel free to e-mail us!