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HUGE Improvathon

A sincere letter to the best fans any improv troupe could ask for.


Many of you have heard us talking about how great the improv theater community in the Twin Cities is. A large driving force for that greatness is HUGE Theater.


HUGE Theater is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people doing wonderful things, not only for improv, but for humanity in general. Their space is a non-profit home for many great shows, and a gathering place for close friends. Trying to count the brilliant ideas that have sprouted from conversations centered around their area of the community would be like trying to count the stars in the night sky.


As a non-profit, they try to find creative ways to keep the money they need from drying up. Their biggest fundraiser of the year starts this Wednesday at 8pm; The HUGE Improvathon 2014. A non-stop roller coaster of some of the most talented performers our community has to offer taking your suggestions and molding them into amazing things.


I encourage you to go see a show there. Feel the positive energy. See the smiling faces. Hear the laughter and the encouragement. You get to do something that makes you feel good, and help out a great cause. Click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for show times or for more information.


Flip the Channel (Oct 22, 2014)

Last week’s winner for “you pick the game” was Flip The Channel. Enjoy!

Make sure you vote on Tuesday.

10/8/14 Show Recap

So many fun things happened tonight that it’s tough to pick a single highlight. Everyone getting fired at some point, to learning why you should never watch a movie about the letter T, to a new closing game we called Freeze Tag Replay. If you missed it, you missed a great show. Check out the video, and be sure to catch us live next time you get a chance!