About Us

We are Fantastic Voyage, an Improv Troupe from Anoka, Minnesota. We perform both long and short form improv.


Come watch us live every week at MaGillycuddys in Anoka.

Fantastic Voyage Improv cast: Steve Bennett, Jessi Goins, Matt Alto, Blake Wanger, Zachary Kulzer, Bill Hupp, Eli Mastin, and featuring Becca Rewakowski on keyboard.




    I make jokes about things that make me happy.

    I make jokes about things that make me sad.

    I make jokes about things.

    I make jokes.

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      Has many boiling pots in the community and in her Life. Not only a mom of 3 but also a nurse on her days off of parenting. Working an in home business with Pure Romance, and also a leader in the 4-H community. Canning goods from her garden and selling them in the local farmer’s market in Nowthen. Storm Chasing on those awesome natural fireworks nights, and still finding time to Enjoy the Improv community and Fantastic Voyage.


        Matt has been participating in and studying theatre since he was a wee lad, making pratfalls so his friends wouldn’t tattle on him. He earned his B.A. from the University of Minnesota and his M.F.A. from East 15 Acting School-The University of Essex. He has studied, written, directed and performed around the world; including Chicago, New Zealand, London, and Russia. In that time he has battled ghosts, ennui, corporate mobs, vampires, the Illuminati, the architects of control, and gum disease. When not performing improv or putting on a show around the Twin Cities Matt teaches the next generation of Jedi’s at Kindercare and In the Company of Kids.


          Zachary is a self made man. Does that mean he was made asexually? No! He has parents. Zachary is a man and woman made man. His parents had sex and they made him. At least, that is what he has been told. Zachary is an actor, director, and improvisational comedian from Ham Lake, Minnesota. Zachary enjoys performing Improvisational comedy. He performs with Fantastic Voyage Improv, Jester’s and The ImprovaCats. Later, he will go camping. Camping is intense.


            Recently founded Spontaneous Education LLC, which specializes in educational, improv-based shows and workshops for students, teachers, and community groups. When he is not teaching, coaching or performing improv, Blake can be found giving tours of haunted caves, playing softball, and falling over things. He has also been found guilty of attempted cooking. Blake is single and lives in Minneapolis.

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            Eli (coming soon)


              And now, a Bill Huppku

              Chicago native
              Stuffs his mouth with words and food
              Teaches improv too


                Becca wandered in to a Fantastic Voyage show once, and Wednesday nights haven’t been the same since. Venturing out of the music scene and alongside an improv stage is an adventure every time. When not playing music, Becca can be found singing karaoke, cooking, baking, and talking too much about science fiction shows.