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About Us

We are Fantastic Voyage, an Improv Troupe from Coon Rapids, Minnesota. We perform both long and short form improv.

Come watch us live every week at MaGillycuddys in Anoka. We are also available for private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, etc. Please contact us for details on pricing.

Fantastic Voyage consists of Steve Bennett, Jessi Goins, Travis Klinker, Matt Alto, Kat Gentner, Zachary Kulzer, Anita Lanz, and Blake Wanger.



    I make jokes about things that make me happy.

    I make jokes about things that make me sad.

    I make jokes about things.

    I make jokes.

    Get to know Steve even more.



      Has many boiling pots in the community and in her Life. Not only a mom of 3 but also a nurse on her days off of parenting. Working an in home business with Pure Romance, and also a leader in the 4-H community. Canning goods from her garden and selling them in the local farmer’s market in Nowthen. Storm Chasing on those awesome natural fireworks nights, and still finding time to Enjoy the Improv community and Fantastic Voyage.

      Coming Soon! Get to know Jessi even more.



        Why Improv? It’s my one and only escape from any responsibility and I can forget about everything going on in my life. Outside of improv, I am obsessed with cardio workouts, especially “Insanity” and “Insanity: Max 30”. I enjoy 80’s music, horror movies, and a variety of TV shows.

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          Matt has been participating in and studying theatre since he was a wee lad, making pratfalls so his friends wouldn’t tattle on him. He earned his B.A. from the University of Minnesota and his M.F.A. from East 15 Acting School-The University of Essex. He has studied, written, directed and performed around the world; including Chicago, New Zealand, London, and Russia. In that time he has battled ghosts, ennui, corporate mobs, vampires, the Illuminati, the architects of control, and gum disease. When not performing improv or putting on a show around the Twin Cities Matt teaches the next generation of Jedi’s at Kindercare and In the Company of Kids.



            Zachary is a self made man. Does that mean he was made asexually? No! He has parents. Zachary is a man and woman made man. His parents had sex and they made him. At least, that is what he has been told. Zachary is an actor, director, and improvisational comedian from Ham Lake, Minnesota. Zachary enjoys performing Improvisational comedy. He performs with Fantastic Voyage Improv, Jester’s and The ImprovaCats. Later, he will go camping. Camping is intense.



              Recently founded Spontaneous Education LLC, which specializes in educational, improv-based shows and workshops for students, teachers, and community groups. When he is not teaching, coaching or performing improv, Blake can be found giving tours of haunted caves, playing softball, and falling over things. He has also been found guilty of attempted cooking. Blake is single and lives in Minneapolis.

              Get to know Blake even more.

              Where To Find Us

              We perform every Wednesday at 7pm on the Undercuddy’s stage at MaGillycuddy’s or watch us Streaming Live via uStream.


              MaGillycuddy’s of Anoka
              2016 1st Ave, Anoka, MN 55303
              Ph: (763) 205-5773


              What Is Improv?

              What is Improv, anyway?



              1. To compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation;extemporize: to improvise
                an acceptance speech.
              2. To compose, play, recite, or sing (verse, music, etc.) on the spur of the moment.
              3. To make, provide, or arrange from whatever materials are readily available: We improvised a dinner from yesterday’s leftovers.

              Improv comedy, also known as simply improv, has been around in its current form for generations. What began as a training exercise for stage performers has taken on its own life, and is now recognized around the world as an accepted format for performances. Due to the fun nature of it the performers usually are referred to as “players”. No one ever really knows what to expect at an improv show, but here’s a simple explanation of the types of performances we do.

              There are two main types, or formats, of improv; Short Form and Long Form.

              Short Form is what comes to mind when most people think of improv comedy. Thanks to well-known troupes like Comedy Sportz and the hit TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? many audiences know what to expect when coming to a Short Form show. Before the show the troupe agrees on a list of games they’ll play then, using audience suggestions, they play games and perform short scenes. A normal Short Form show usually lasts about  60 to 90 minutes and has lots of opportunities for audience interaction.

              Long Form is generally improv for improvisers, but non-players can have a great time watching and interacting with this type as well. Most often the players will get some sort of idea or inspiration from the audience at the beginning and then they will perform longer scenes based on ideas generated by this. They may adhere to structured formats (i.e. The Harold, or The Armando) or the scenes may not be connected at all. A long form set could be as short as 10-15 minutes, or a 90 minute play with recurring characters and a complicated plot!

              No matter what the format, there are certain things to keep in mind while watching or performing improv. First, everything that happens on stage is the truth. The players are creating a world live on stage. The rules of this world may adhere to the real world, or they may not. For example, if one player says the sky is purple he or she has created a purple sky is this world and this will remain true for the rest of the time that world exists. Second, the players should always agree with and build upon what has already taken place. This is the Yes, and… rule. For example, we’ve determined that they sky is purple so the and part might explain why that is. With this simple two-line exchange we’ve created the basis for not only a fabulous scene, but a whole universe of possibilities! Third, you (the audience) are as much a part of the performance as the the players on stage. Your suggestions tell the players where they’re going, and your energy keeps the pace. There are no wrong answers or bad suggestions, so don’t be afraid to get involved!

              Now that you know the basics of improv you’re ready to do your part. Grab some friends and head to a show, or just go and make some new friends while you’re there. While no one knows exactly what will happen at an improv show, we do know that it’s sure to be a good time!


              Improv for Hire

              We are available for private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, etc.


              Corporate Events

              Want to add unexpected entertainment to your next corporate event? Hire Fantastic Voyage to do a show! Whether it’s a holiday party, team-building event or training seminar, the Fantastic Voyage players can tailor any show to fit your company’s needs.

              Birthdays, Graduations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & More

              People of all ages enjoy comedy! Why not allow Fantastic Voyage to entertain at your next party? Whether you are having a private birthday party, bar/bat Mitzvah, or other event we are here to make sure that your celebration is a success. Shows can be small, medium or large to fit your event and budget. The Fantastic Voyage players can tailor the entertainment for just about any event — parties, college shows, rehearsal dinners and more.


              Interested in improving your presentation skills and being a great speaker? Consider learning improvisational comedy! Improv comedy is a form of theater where performers take the stage with nothing prepared in advance and make it up as they go. In personal and business life, you may find yourself in situations where you have to give an unscripted speech. Basic improv skills can help! Our professional instructor (Blake Wanger) has years of improv experience. He creates an environment in which participants feel comfortable and are able to laugh and see themselves in a new light. Learning improv comedy can help you think on your feet and be more authentic, funnier and better able to connect with your audience.

              Team Building

              Are you looking to build team unity which will result in improved communication, boosted morale, motivated individuals, and improved productivity? We will teach you multiple improv games that you can use with your teams as ice breakers, meeting starters and/or mid-day breaks to energize and bond the team.

              Please contact us for details on pricing.



              Fantastic Voyage Improv was a great team building event! The troupe was engaging and hilarious! Everyone in the audience was laughing and had a great time. I really recommend Fantastic Voyage Improv.
              -Heather M.

              The fundraiser you held for the Coon Rapids High School Gymnastics team was fantastic! I see why that word is part of your name, now…. The troupe had to tailor the show to be suitable for a PG crowd and did so with ease (this surprised me, greatly!)!!! I know I will be speaking of the phenomenal performance for a long time, but the great part is knowing that I won’t be the only one. I spoke with many of the audience members attending and heard only rave reviews. Many had never seen or heard of improv, so they didn’t have the best expectations…but you all blew their minds with your wit. I also think you spawned a new generation of improv lovers. Thank you so much! It was truly an epic show for which we are truly grateful!
              -Tara G.

              Contact Us

              We are interested in hearing from you, so please drop us a note or ask us a question.


              Live Streaming

              If you cannot join us live in Anoka, then do the next best thing, which is watch us perform live via live streaming. Tune in every Wednesday at 7pm (central time).

              Like our performances? Consider a donation to keep it going.

              Live streaming video by Ustream

              Want to watch your favorite games while you wait for the show to begin? Visit us on YouTube and Vimeo.


              Watched from:

              Atlanta, GA
              Barecelona, Spain
              Coon Rapids, MN
              Dallas, TX
              Denver, CO
              Ironwood, MI
              Mcpherson, KS
              Palm Springs, CA
              Ramsey, MN


              Contact us with where you are watching us and we will add you to the list.